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        1. VACDER
          Choose The Best And Do Better,VACDER I LOVE IT!

          ABOUT VACDER

          Changzhou Kaiman refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of "Vacder" brand recreational vehicle (RV), special car air conditioner, refrigerator and other RV accessories, as well as food freezer and other products. The company introduces advanced technology and production process at domestic and abroad, precision manufacturing and advanced testing and experimental equipment as a whole, and has a group of high-quality outstanding professional staff. The company has won the trust of many customers and dealers with excellent product quality and good post sales service.

          • RV air conditioning: intelligent environmental protection, energy saving, mute and noise reduction
          • RV refrigerator: various styles, customized processing
          • RV sunshade: high quality, convenient and comfortable life
          Intelligent, efficient, energy saving, environmental friendly, quiet and comfortable

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